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  • Innovation in care models, management models, participation and associative dynamization.

  • Honesty that leads us to achieve healthy administration of the resources acquired or received by the organization, promoting effective communication with the supervisory entity and with donors.

  • Transparency as a value and responsibility, being consistent with feelings and the way of acting.

  • Unity and teamwork latent in the feeling of belonging, union and participation in the fulfillment of the mission.

  • Quality and warmth must go hand in hand, offering quality services. Continuous learning that guarantees the best service provided to the community.

  • Empowerment of the person, entrusting each person with the ability to decide about their interests, their concerns, in short, about their life project. Efficiency and Sustainability that guarantee the best use of available resources.

  • Dynamism as a social and family movement.

  • Belonging, participation and democracy regarding the organization.

  • Effectiveness and efficiency to obtain the best material and human performance of the available resources.

  • Personalization of service for individual development and full customer satisfaction.

  • Professionalism of the work performance of the workers and of the management performance with respect to the human resources themselves.

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