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Why Giving Tuesday?

Puerto Rico Composta is in the process of creating a farm-based organic waste operation educational center, where individuals, families, students and seniors will learn about composting, recycling, agriculture and sustainability. As a result, we promote a cleaner island, with less waste, with a food secure future that addresses sustainability.
Did you know that landfills are full? Soon there will be garbage everywhere. Puerto Rico Composta believes that each individual or community has the potential to recycle their organic waste at the source of generation, in order to reduce the waste that ends up in our landfills. Through our programs and services we educate families (children, adolescents, youth and adults) of Puerto Rico because there is an urgency to create citizens with environmental awareness to manage waste efficiently.



Our goal

To prepare the space and continue offering service, but now from this new operating space, we plan to obtain monetary donations from individuals and entities that will allow us to reach our goal of $30,000. Also requested is donation of types of machines, tools and types of equipment for the management of organic waste that will be processed in the operation center, donation/transport of a van to be used as an office, classroom space and training center. storage, donation of educational materials. Posters and volunteer work to prepare the facilities are also welcome.


50 foot container- $3250 + transportation costs = $3500
Preparation of organic waste reception area- $500
Organic Waste Education Program Assistant – $10,000
Plant material crusher- $1000
Machine to process organic material (voltage and change) - $5000
Educational material: posters and books: $1000
Composting tools and materials- $1000
Liability Public insurance / Use permits- $3000
Farm/Utility Costs: $5000

How can you contribute?


Where does your donation go?

Image by Johnny McClung

Encourage a child to receive the Activity Booklet: Have fun while you learn


Impresión de un letrero educativo para la finca o escuelas participantes de nuestros programas


two people can take a compost workshop for free


Printing an educational sign for the farm or schools participating in our programs


Your contribution to the cost of an educational assistant for one week

Organic Compost

Enable the organic material receipt area


Help us acquire a vegetative material shredder


It contributes to the transportation of the van to the farm from where the training and storage center will be operated.


Contribution to acquire a van from which the offices and educational center will be operated


To acquire machinery to process turning and sifting of organic material at the facilities.

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