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Forum Use Policy:

Composta-Manía Project: An environmental program from School to Community

We have some rules that we must all comply with for the sake of better coexistence. So we strongly request that you read them carefully.

It is our interest to promote freedom of knowledge and expression, so we will not censor messages based on the opinions expressed and published in those messages, but we will enforce the rules and policies here.

General rules

The fact of ignoring or being unaware of the rules and policies of Puerto Rico Composta, Inc. does not exempt any user from compliance. It is the obligation of all users to read and adhere to the rules described here and those specified in any other forum, topic or category.

We reserve the right to move, delete, edit or close topics or messages that do not comply with the rules and policies established by Puerto Rico Composta, Inc., for administrative reasons, at our discretion and without prior or subsequent explanation.

The preferred language in the forum is Spanish, so we appreciate the moderate use of any other language.

Users may only have one account per person, and each account may be managed by only one person. Additional accounts may be suspended without prior or subsequent notice to the user.

Failure to comply with the rules and policies, as well as any offense, aggression or expression of insult directed at any user, may result in the immediate suspension of the offending user.

Forum and category rules
The following rules apply to all forums and categories:

The publication of products, services, links, content or any other type of information that refers to the company or website with which they are directly or indirectly related, with clear intention or purpose of advertising, purchase/sale, commercial or self-promotion. This includes suggesting your own services and the services of associates, clients and employers.

It is prohibited to publish links (links or URLs) that include any system of commissions, affiliates, referrals or any other pay-per-click type system, both in the body of the messages and in the space intended for the signature of user.

Users may not post messages to imply or instruct other member(s) to check their email account, private message box, or in any way indicate that they have a new email or private message. , in order to request or offer a response regarding the topic in question. It is also not permitted to send unsolicited advertising or service offers through private messages and/or email to other users of Web Forums.

It is not permitted to start two or more topics regarding the same topic or subject, nor to publish two or more messages whose contents coincide within the same topic in the same forum or in several forums. Said topics or published messages may be deleted or joined without prior or subsequent notice.

Users may not post messages on behalf of or on behalf of suspended (banned) users.

Users may not use the topics or discussions to promote, recommend, praise or discredit other products, services, companies or websites, without having direct or first-hand experience with those products, services, companies or websites.

Users may not post, request or disseminate information that promotes plagiarism, piracy, serial number disclosure, crack or similar, or unauthorized copies of copyrighted material.

Users should use courteous, respectful and gentle language. No user may post material or content that is known to be false, defamatory, insulting, harassing, vulgar, hostile, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, racist or promotes any type of hatred, illegal in any country or region, invasive of the privacy of any person or that violates any law or copyright.

  1. Users may not publish, request or disseminate information that promotes the commission of any illegal act in their jurisdiction, including but not limited to: electronic fraud, SPAM, Phishing, Spoofing, Forgery and any other type of conduct that is considered an illegal act.

  2. Users may not post any type of link to pornographic/adult (+18) themed websites, casinos, P2P downloads or downloads of files protected by copyright laws, or that may be illegal and/or suspicious.





  7. Content Standards and License

  8. Since March 13, 2018, it is understood that all content that users publish from that date on is granted under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

  9. This rule applies only to the original content that each user sends to the forum, not to images that come from external servers or any other content protected by intellectual property laws used in the legal framework.

  10. 4.3 Because the contents of the site are released and shared based on the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license, if the deletion of a user is requested, the contents will be published with a guest user, in order to preserve the integrity of the conversations. We do not delete messages, if you publish it, share it and spread it.

  11. Compliance with the rules set out here benefits us all. Thank you for your cooperation.

  12. Sincerely,
    The Puerto Rico Composta, Inc. team

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